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                                                                         AUTO/DIGIT KEY CUTTING MACHINE

   Key Cutting Machine BW-100E1    R 32, 440     including software.

Technical parameters: 

Key Cutting Machine, a good for fresh locksmith tools.

Can duplicate the civil door keys and bicycle keys, Motorcycle keys.

With manual function, it can be used without electricity

Type: Cutting and Welding

Machine Rate: 50Hz Weight: 11kgs Voltage: 220V/110V

Power: 150W With two wider fixtures, can duplicate the key special long.

Left fixture can double-face turn around, the right fixture can four - face turn-around  



  Key Cutting Machine KL717EF     R 34, 820      including software.


Three in one multi-functional fixture synchronized rotating design of clamp can be used to cut round keys with circular hole around, clamp design can be used to a variety of different sizes tubular keys

Three in one multi-functional fixture can be used to copy circular hole round keys, all tubular keys that the diameter range of 3mm-16mm, flat drilling and snake-like grooves cutting keys. Such as: KABA, KESO, for BENZ.

1. The new depth fine-tuning scale button can help users  proofreading more accurate.

2. Cross slide with ball bearing slides and operating lightweight and flexible.

3. The horizontally shaking block allows users move horizontally easily when operating the machine.

4. Special quasi-elastic design can  find the correct position of the pre-drilling  before cutting, increasing its accuracy.

5. When Snake groove keys are copied, the grips depth  fixed buttons and quasi-fixed  spring button can be locked to fix the degree of their depth.

6. It is high accuracy, can save hours of work and increase efficiency.

7. Motor speed controller can be adjusted in accordance with the specific tools.

Specs and Dimensions:

    HP 1/8

    Rpm 12000


    Width: 280mm

     Depth: 290mm

    Height: 400mm

    Net Weight: 20kg

    Gross Weight: 22kg

    Measurement: 3.2 Cubic Feet



NB: Software is loaded on all above units and tested before shipped.


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