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                                                                                                         GAS ANALYZERS

     EXHAUST GAS ANALYZER LPQ-2    R 12 980   including user manual.

Main technical parameters:

Measuring range: 
010.0 10-2(%)
010000 10-6(ppm)  

Zero drift:
0.06 10-2(%)/4h
30 10-6(ppm)/4h 

Span drift:
No more than indication error allowable value 

Indication error:
10%Relative error010%
HC10%Relative error010000ppm

Environmental conditions:
Temperature: 0  ~ 40  
Humidity: ≤ 80% 
Atmospheric pressure: 60 ~ 105KPa 
Power: AC 220V  10%; 50Hz  1Hz

Preheating time 1min

Display Mode: High-brightness LED display
diaphragm plate prussian oxygen electrode sensor

Weight 6KG

610 * 500 * 330mm




exhaust analyzer SV-2Q     EXHAUST GAS ANALYZER SV - 2Q    R 19, 960   (LKB)  include exchange bank fee and Aramex packing /freight charges and insurance.

Measuring range:
CO 0~10.0 10-2(%)    CO20~20.0 10-2(%)
HC 0~10000 10-6(ppm)
O2 0~25.0 10-2(%)    NO0~5000 10-6(ppm)
Oil temperature18C~150C 
Repeatability error ≤2%
Zero drift
CO0.06 10-2(%)/4h   CO20.5 10-2(%)/4h
HC30 10-6(ppm)/4h
O20.5 10-2(%)/4h      NO30 10-6(ppm)/4h

Span drift:
No more than indication error allowable value (4 hours)
Indication error
CO5%(Relative error,0~10%)
CO25%(Relative error,0~20%)
HC5%(Relative error,0~4000ppm)10%(Relative error,4001~10000ppm)
O2 5%(Relative error,0~25%)
NO 5%(Relative error,0~5000ppm)
Environmental conditions oil temperature 2 C (relative error)
Speed 1.0% (relative error)
Temperature 0 C ~ 40 C
Humidity ≤ 80%
Atmospheric pressure 60 ~ 105KPa
Power AC 220V 10% 50Hz 1Hz
Preheating time 10min
Weight 12KG
Size:610 * 500 * 330mm

Simpling  Exhaust:
direct sampling, the length of the sampling tube is 5m, the length of the sampling probe is 900mm
Oil temperature temperature measurement inserts into the oil gauge hole of the engine, insert length is same with the oil gauge, blocked with rubber plug to prevent oil smoke. Wire length 5m.

Display Mode:
High-brightness. LED display. Large LCD display.
Optional configuration.
Temperature, speed configuration.

NB: Software is loaded on all above units and tested before shipped.


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