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                                                                                     TACHOGRAPH PROGRAMMER CD400

    Tachograph Programmer CD400     R 21, 980     including software.


Basically, a tachograph is a device that measures and records the speed and distance driven by a vehicle. 

The data are recorded in the form of graphics on a paper disk. 

The new digital tachograph records those data on its embedded memory and also on the smartcard of the driver. 

Tachograph programmer CD400 calibrates and programs all analogue and digital tachographs.

Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Romanian, Syriac.

Supported Tachographs:

Analogs: KTCO 1314/1318, Motometer EGK100, FTCO 1319, MTCO 1324/1390, TSU 1391, VR2400. 

Digitals: DTCO 1381 (DTCO® 2.1 active), SE5000 (Exakt Duo), SmarTach, EFAS-4. 

A Workshop Card is required to calibrate the digital tachographs


Tachograph Programmer CD400 Functions: 

1.  W figure determination on measuring track with optional photo-cell or rolling road.

2.  K figure measure on KTCO 1314, KTCO 1318 and FTCO1319. 

3.  Parameter programming. 

4.  Activation and deactivation of IMS (Independent Motion Signal). 

5.  Activation and deactivation of VDO counter.

6.  Odometer reset and adjustment (mileage correction).

7.  Speed simulation and customizable automatic test diagram. 

8.  DTCS reading (Digital) and erasing. 

9.  Sensor pairing (KITAS activation). 

10. Clock test. 

11. Workshop card’s PIN recording and input through CD400.


Tachograph Programmer CD400 Advantages: 

No power connection nor battery charging required, the only tester powered by the tachograph itself. 

Compact size, the smallest tachograph tester on the market. 

User friendly, clear 4 lines menus, no training required. 

Automatic tachograph model detection on power on. 

Double accuracy of the W factor measure on track by detecting half pulses. 

The only tester being able to reset the odometer and change the sender type on the VR2400.

Flash program memory, easy software upgrade using a serial port or USB serial adapter on any PC.


Tachograph Programmer CD400 Technical Specifications: 

Graphic FSTF LCD Display: (100 x 32 pix. / 4 lines x 20 char) 

White LED backlight

Size: 150 x 100 x 45 mm 

Supply voltage: 9 to 30 VDC 

Supply current: 12mA

 Case: green-blue ABS (IP40). 

Operating temp: -20…+70°C 

Weight: 155g


Package included:

1pc x CD400 Tacho Programmer 

1pc x Cable for 1319 

1pc x Cable for 13ХХ/1318, V.Root 8400

1pc x Cable for EGK-100 

1pc x Cable for 1324

1pc x Cable for V.Root 2400 

1pc x Cable for CA-RS232-1

1pc x Cable for Digital Tacho 

1pc x Manual 


NB: Software is supplied / loaded on all above units and tested before shipped.


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