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                                                               CHEV - OPEL - ISUZU - SUZUKI - MDI WIFI INTERFACE


     MDI Wifi Interface Scanner    R 19, 640    (GIB)  including software, cablwes and carry case.


MDI Description:
General Motors Global Electrical Architecture Global A and Global Diagnostic Hardware and Software Global Diagnostic System GDS and Multiple Diagnostic Interface MDI.

Chevrolet, Daewoo, Isuzu, Opel, Suzuki and Vauxhall, where the Tech2 stops in 2008 the MDI carries on.

MDI Features:

1.  Cancel service lights.

2.  Scan engine functions.

3.  Scan and check live data.

4.  Read and erase fault codes.

5.  Check and turn off ABS lights.

6.  Reset and turn of SRS airbag lights.

7.  Have all functions of the Tech2 plus more.

8.  Scan auto transmission and resets software faults.

9.  Scan body systems including air conditioner and comfort systems.

10. Pass-through programming on past model and Global A vehicles, including flight recorder.

The new MDI can be used only in the Pass-Thru method. This means you can use it as your programming tool, while your Tech2 CANDI remains available for diagnostics and other duties. The MDI will be required to perform diagnostics on selected NAO vehicles from model year 2009. MDI is an interface between the vehicle DLC and a PC by wired USB, wired Ethernet, wireless Ethernet. Can be Used for SPS programming on existing and future SGM vehicles. Required for diagnostics on new SGM Global A Electrical Architecture Vehicles. Used with TIS2Web, Global Diagnostics System - GDS, SPS and MDI Manager Software, allows for GDS diagnostic

The MDI is initially being introduced with Pass-Thru programming capabilities only. It can be used to perform Pass-Thru programming on all vehicles built since 1996 and will support all vehicles into the future.
Regulations require programming procedures to be compliant with SAE Recommended Practice J2534. The SPS is compliant with SAE recommended practice J2534, and the MDI is compliant with the portions of SAE J2534 that are applicable for General Motor vehicles.

The Future of the Tech 2:

The Tech 2 remains an essential tool through at least the 2008 model year. The MDI will not support later models when its diagnostic capabilities are introduced, and the Tech2 will continue to be needed to diagnose all vehicles from previous model years. Remote programming with the Tech 2 will continue to be supported for use on all 2008 and previous vehicles.


Packet list:

1: MDI

2: J1962 Diagnostic connector

3: USB cable

4: Internet cable

5: AC adapter /power supply

6: Wireless interface

7: User manual


NB: Software is loaded on all above units and tested before shipped.


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