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                                                        BATTERY TESTERS AND ANALIZERS


  BT750  Battery Analyzer/Tester with printer    R 10, 930   including latest software.




BT750 Battery Tester 12/24V Automotive Battery Analyzer with Printer is designed to test 12/24 volt automotive batteries.


BT750 Battery Tester 12/24V Automotive Battery Analyzer with Printer


BT750 Battery Tester Functions:

1. Battery Test.

2. System Test: Starter Test/Charging Test/Alt. load.

5. Monitor the status of the start system of the vehicle.

6. Test the change of the voltage when start the vehicle.

7. Supportable standards: 100-1700CCA,100-1000DIN,100-1000IEC,100-1700EN,JIS.


Top 5 Reasons to Get Auto Battery Analyzer BT750:

1. Clock inside.

2. Various standards build-in.

3. Printer, can print out testing results anytime.

4. Adopt conductance method to test: convenient and safe.

5. Quickly test the battery’s main specifications: Internal Resistance, CCA, Voltage, Electric quantity, Life-span.


Auto Battery Analyzer BT750 Specifications:

Voltage range: 9-30V(DC)

Dimension: 89X395X265mm

Working temperature: -18~50°C

Power supply: Powered by the battery being tested.


Package List:

1pc x Manual

1pc x Carry Case

1pc x Printing Paper

1pc x Auto Battery Analyzer


NB: Software pre - loaded/supplied on all above units before shipped.


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